7 Days Vegetarian Weight-loss diet plan


Vegetarian diet is rapidly increasing in recent years vegetarian diet has many benefits such as healthy body, aids weight loss and has no chronic diseases.

Vegetarian diets mainly focus on vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

In this article you will get the weekly meal plan that will help you loose 5-7kgs per months.

Day 1

Morning: 2teaspoon Apple cider vinegar with 1 glass of Luke warm water.
Breakfast: Poha with vegetables 1 bowl with 1 glass bottle gourd juice.
Lunch: 1 bowl brown rice and moong dal and a glass of mint jeera butter milk.
Evening Snack: Green tea and roasted makhana (Fox nut).
Dinner: 2 Multigrain phulka and vegetable curry and mix lentil soup.
Bed Time: Hot Turmeric Milk.

Day 2

Morning:  Hot Lemon-Honey water.
Breakfast: 1 Bowl vegetables oats Upma and mix veg soup.
Lunch: 2 Buckwheat Phulka with Paneer-vegetable curry and 1 bowl vegetable salad.
Evening Snack: Black tea with roasted almonds.
Dinner: Pumpkin dal soup and roasted colored pepper 1 bowl.
Bed Time: Ginger Milk.

Day 3

Morning: Lemon-Ginger tea.
Breakfast: 2 Oats Idli with 1 bowl of Sāmbhar.
Lunch: 1 bowl brown rice with chole curry and 1 bowl of pepper corn salad.
Evening Snack: Fruit salad ( Seasonal).
Dinner: Mixed lentil soup with roasted pea nuts.
Bed Time: Milk infused with dry fruits.

Day 4

Morning: Ginger-Tulsi tea.
Breakfast: Muesli dry fruits nuts with milk 1 bowl.
Lunch: 2 Multigrain stuffed paratha and 1 bowl fresh curd.
Evening Snack: Sweet lime juice 1 glass with roasted chana.
Dinner: 2 Whole wheat phulka and capsicum curry 1 bowl and lentil soup.
Bed Time: Cinnamon Milk.

Day 5

Morning: Lemon-Honey tea.
Breakfast: Spinach-Cucumber-Mint juice and 2 slice brown bread.
Lunch: 1 bowl brown rice and 1 bowl lauki dal and spiced buttermilk.
Evening Snack: Green tea with boiled raw peanuts.
Dinner: Broken wheat khichdi(Daliya) 1 bowl with coconut chutney.
Bed Time: Black-pepper milk.

Day 6

Morning: Apple cider vinegar with warm water.
Breakfast: Oats chilla with vegetables stuffed and chutney.
Lunch: 2 millet roti and tomato-pepper curry.
Evening Snack: Green tea with roasted bhel.
Dinner: 1Paneer stuffed paratha and 1 bowl sautéed mix veg salad(Seasonal).
Bed Time: Turmeric-Pepper milk.

Day 7

Morning: Turmeric-Lemon-Ginger tea.
Breakfast: 2 Moong dal dosa with Sāmbhar.
Lunch: Ragi daliya 1 bowl with mint Buttermilk.
Evening Snack: Green pea chaat with Green Coffee.
Dinner: Drumstick curry with 2 jowar phulka and 1 bowl tomato soup.
Bed Time: Milk boiled with dried fig and raisin.


Some times benefits of vegetarian diet depends on the type of your dietary habits.
Overeating of any processed foods will give you less benefits than compared to plant based foods.

Quick tips for weight-loss

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Choose small plate for food.
  3. Fill your plate half with non starchy vegetables.
  4. Incorporate protein in your every meal.
  5. Try eating more whole foods as compared to processed foods.
  6. Avoid frozen foods.
  7. Add fresh juice to your diet.
  8. Do yoga on regular basis.
  9. Eat roasted pumpkin seeds when ever you wish to munch.
  10. Try to keep 3 to 4 hrs. fasting between two meals.
  11. Try to take 6-7 hrs. sound sleep.

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