What is Reiki healing and what are the principles of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy therapy. based on the idea that all humans have a body of energy, or life force, that keeps us alive.

physical, psychological, and emotional problems can occur when these forces are low or restricted.

Reiki’s goal is to promote good health by balancing these energy fields. It's done by a Reiki doctor, who puts his hands above your body to regain energy. Research suggests that it can help reduce pain the source of anxiety, improve your mood and well-being Reliable source, and help to deal with depression

Like other spiritual methods, Reiki bases on a set of principles. These basic concepts are like affirmations or intentions. With a focus on the present moment, they offer a guide to connecting with your Reiki power, which can help increase your sense of well-being in a variety of ways.

Let’s get into what are the principles of Reiki, and how you can use them to help create the best in your daily life.

What are the Reiki principles?

The philosophy of Reiki is based on five principles. These principles provide a way out for healing and balancing your Reiki energy.

1) Just for today, don’t worry

This policy intended to help you release this energy. It encourages you to recognize anger and let go of it, allowing you to invite happiness into your life.

It is so natural to feel angry many times. this feeling can be triggered by many factors, such as a bad working environment or any unexpected changes.

But according to Reiki, anger does not arise from these external factors. Instead, it comes from your inner angry power.

This principle aims to help you release this angry power.

2) Just for today, do not worry

We always worry about things that haven't happened yet. in general, we take it easy to feel like that worry comes from an external source, but Reiki believes that it starts within you.

If you’re holding on to worry energy, thinking about future events can produce negative emotions. However, if you’re able to release this energy, you may have an easier time living in the present moment and worrying less about the future.

3) Just for today, be gentle

Our ego can be a big show, especially if we have done something good, and this reiki tenet encourages us to bring it down. "[Our ego] loves to take credit for what it has achieved and to gain gratitude for its work," Wozny said. "When you see your pride enhanced to compliment you on how good you are, allow yourself to bend your spirit regularly and for a while and just love to be loved."

4) Just for today, be honest

Being a real person is a great goal and a great reward to strive for, but in practice, it can be a great challenge. "We grow up as pack animals trying to be accepted and accepted, where the most important thing is to respect yourself and love yourself as you are," Wozny said.

5) Just for today, be compassionate toward yourself and others

“Compassion is the healing balm to judgment and anger,” Wozny says. This reiki principle is a nudge to cut ourselves and others some slack and to give the benefit of the doubt when possible. Practicing compassion, of course, isn’t always an easy thing to do, though. 





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