Copper: Health benefits, ways to use, source and risks

Copper water has the power to cure many diseases such as Headaches, Stomach related problems, Digestive issues, and many skin problems, etc can be treated with copper water.

Our ancestors stored water in a copper container overnight and use it to drink it every morning. This was a very well-known practice which we need to follow in our daily routine.

In India, we have a holy belief of throwing coins in Rivers, lakes, and ponds. The idea behind this practice was so scientific, in ancient times coins were made up of copper, so people use to throw them in Rivers, lakes, and ponds in order to make that water copper ionized which is good for health, not only physically but mentally too.

As we all know, copper was the only metal that was first discovered by mankind. Ancient societies like Egypt, Rome, Greece, Somalia, Aztecs, and Indians used copper in many different forms such as currency, utensils, etc. Ayurvedic texts mention the use of the copper vessel for drinking water.

Benefits of Drinking water stored in a copper vessel:

        1)  Controls Ageing
        2)  Increase Brain Efficiency
        3)  Prevents Stroke
        4)  Weight Loss
        5)  Healing wounds Faster
        6)  Helps Cardiovascular System
        7)  Helps digestion
        8)  Reduce Infections
        9)  Prevent/Cure Arthritis and Joint Pain
        10) Prevents Anemia
        11) Aids Thyroid Gland Functioning
        12) Balances Hypertension
        13) Prevents Cancer
        14) Improves Eyesight
        15) Increase Immunity 


1) Controls Ageing:

Nowadays several skincare products are copper-based because it helps "Cell Regeneration".

2) Increase Brain Efficiency:

As we all know our brain interacts with our whole body through electrical impulses. Water with Copper ions helps the cell to communicate with each other, making our brain efficiency strong.

3) Prevents stroke:

Copper is effective to prevent seizures. Copper has antioxidant properties, which means a lack of copper would enable oxidants to work faster, increasing the risk of stroke.

4) Weight Loss

Copper water dissolves the excess fat deposited in the human body and helps reducing weight. Even while resting, copper present in our body keeps our body in a 'fat-burning situation'.

5) Helps cardiovascular system:

Copper helps to clean plaque and dilate the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the heart. The deficiency of copper can result in the dysfunction of the heart.

6) Helps Digestion:

Ayurveda says that "Drinking Copper water(Tamra Jal) detoxifies and cleanses the stomach". Copper is an excellent remedy for stomach ulcers, indigestion, and stomach infection.

7) Reduce Infection:

Water when stored in a copper bottle for more than 8 hours is free of all such microbial. Copper water is effective for water-borne diseases.

8) Prevents Anemia:

Copper helps in the breakdown of food to make Hemoglobin. it helps the body in absorbing iron.

9) Thyroid Gland Functioning:

Copper balances the inconsistencies of the thyroid gland, lack of copper leads to thyroid gland malfunction.

10) Prevents Cancer:

Copper is a very well-known antioxidant that fights off all the free radicals and negates their negative effects. Copper helps in the production of 'Melanin', which gives color to skin and eyes and protects from harmful UV rays.

Ayurveda strongly recommends drinking water stored in copper vessels daily for boosting the immune system and balancing all three doshas - Vata, Kapha, and Pitta.

How to use:

- Pick a bottle made from pure copper.

- Fill the bottle with clean drinking water and store it at room temperature overnight. Do not Refrigerate.

- After Brushing, drink the water on an empty stomach.

- Always consume plain water. Do not heat, or add honey or lemon.

How to clean Copper Bottel:

- Copper when oxidized leaves behind a tarnished color. Rub with this mixture for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with plain water.

- Instead of using a lemon-salt mixture, you can also use the 'Tamarind-Salt' Mixture.


- Copper vessels are nothing new in India. storing water in copper utensils is an ancient practice in Indian Households.

- Copper metal plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. copper deficiency can lead to various chronic health disorders but an excess amount can also turn fatal.

-WHO recommends not to take copper exceeding 10mg per day for maintaining good health.



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